Video's taken by club members with their locomotives.


Eastbound video taken by Bill Fagan
Westbound video taken by Bill Fagan
Caboose view video taken by Bill Fagan
Flyover video taken by Bill Fagan
Norfolk and Western Y6B #2191 and #2198 are slogging a 100+ car coal consist over the mountains.
Although the Triplex was used mainly as a "helper" engine, this run predates the assignments to helper service when the Triplex was being evaluated as lead loco. This MTH model is decked out in the "Russian Iron" blue and black colors. Cab number is 5015 from the Erie raiload. It's pulling a freight consist over the hills.
Before the Big Boys and Challengers pounded across the rails, Union Pacific's 9000 class of locomotives were the heavy haulers. This is my MTH HO version of this unusual locomotive. It's seen here hauling a freight consist across the rails.
I used a mini spy video camera on the back of a flat car pulled by another train to catch Mark's Atlas B30-7 at track level hauling a string of coal cars.
After a lengthy and complicated DCC conversion, lighting installation, and drivetrain teardown and lube, I finally get to take the Big Blow out for a lap on the Logan Southern MRR club layout. I'm using a QSI Titan decoder that has stereo sound, so I was able to put the diesel engine sound exclusively on a speaker in the lead unit, and put the turbine sound exclusively on a speaker in the middle turbine unit. In this video, the loco is initially running on it's diesel engine only as it maneuvers around the yard to link up to its consist. Once coupled to its consist, the turbine is fired up and she moves out. I still have a bit of work to do. I need to work on speed matching the lead and center units, and perhaps some bullfrog snot to improve pulling power. I would have liked to run the consist faster, but wheel slippage was a problem and limited top speed. I should have run with a shorter consist in this video, but oh well, it's only the first run, so I hope to have another video with more "highball" speeds.
This is my second attempt to mix hand-held video footage with track-level 'pace car' footage shot with a ReplayXD Pro video camera. Steam locos are tough to work because of the challenges in syncing up the chuff rate between the two different types of shots. Plus, I need to constantly remind myself to get out of the shot!
I tried something new in this video. I mixed 'normal' video footage with track-level video shot with a ReplayXD Pro video camera. I had the Replay camera mounted facing backwards on a flat car and pulled by another loco. This is a first attempt at this video style, so I hope to refine some sort of technique with more attempts.
Here's another full dcc conversion I did on another fine Overland Models locomotive. This time it's the very unusual experimental UP #80 three-unit coal-fired turbine. I'm using a QSI Titan decoder and because it has stereo output, I'm able to put the turbine sound output exclusively on a speaker in the center turbine B unit, while I have the diesel engine sound output exclusively on a speaker in the A unit. Headlights (twin), mars light, and marker lights are all optical fiber lit by LED's I've also installed a backup light in the tender, and on the rear of the A unit. There is internal cab lighting, and lighting inside the B unit. I still need to work out some bugs to improve reliability, but it's a great runner and a strong puller.
MTH Southern Pacific Daylight.
MTH N&W Powhatan Arrow.
Here we have my brass hybrid BLI Q2 taking a lap around the Logan MRR Club layout. The Q2 is pulling a string of Walthers PRR Broadway Limited passenger cars.
This is my two-tone gray MTH UP Challenger pulling a string of Walthers UP City Train passenger cars.
Broadway Limited Centipedes. These two monsters haul a coal drag over the layout. They struggled up a few grades pulling the long consist (about 50 cars).
I've had this loco for a while and have been meaning to shoot a video of it, so here it is moving some freight over the layout.